Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stress ?

Last night we had dinner with one of our good customer/distributor in Spain (a total of 10 guests) following a tasting of available wines for his territory. We drank:
Magnum of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc, good
Pontet Canet 2003, superb
Valandraud 2001, totally closed
Vina El Pison 2005 Rioja, delicious
Maury 2004, top
Rhum from Martinique J.M. 1992, top

In the morning, we had a meeting with the creators of e-provenance (e-origins) who invented a system of temperature control, as well as traceability, for storage while shipping to our customers at the other end of the world. In my opinion, this system is still in the development stage, but could be useful in the short term to ensure that our wines are stored – shipped – properly as a stroke of heat, in the same token as a bad cork, would destroy all the work done.

Even if the stress for this futures campaign is growing, I was please to read that Chateau La Dominique 2007 received a special selection in Sunday’s issue of Sud-Ouest.

François Mauss is currently in Japan and I recommend you read the post on his blog : I warned him that he would fall in love with this beautiful country, a paradise for a food lover, the moment he would get there.

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Belcarnen said...

Just returned from Japan few weeks ago and I can understand :o) It's easy to fall in love when you even get "Gourmet Guide" for train stations! :o)))