Friday, April 18, 2008


Thursday, I had lunch in the Restaurant du Tertre in Saint Emilion with a nice group of people : a Brazilian journalist and Mr Nicolas Joly to name a few.
Nice lunch, pretty relaxed atmosphere, we drank delicious wines, had quick conversations, once more, I am lucky to do this job!

Just before, I had a tasting at Rolland’s lab to prepare the bottling of several crus. This was the last blending to try to produce the best wine possible without taking in account, as much as possible, volumes. Every time, I am impressed to see how 2% from a batch can affect the final product. This is the magic of blending where some batches can transcend and taste better in a blend than alone, or vice versa.
Talent and experience, in this case Michel Rolland and his team, don’t have to prove themselves.
If the wine holds its promises, Valandraud 2006 will be a sexy bomb (Alleluia!)

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