Thursday, April 10, 2008


From now on, instead of giving the name of a wine I wanted to drink and which was corked, I will give the name of the cork maker and keep the corks for analysis.

If every customer does the same, the cork producers will be forced to make major improvements in the quality if their product.

One of my colleagues told me that he opens plenty of his bottles and that he encountered less than 1% of corked bottles. I am open to believe him: He probably found the rare supplier, who is serious and only provides him with the best (or he is lucky).

As for me, When I open 100 bottles, I reject 7 or 8 due to a defective cork and other deviancies. Either I am too difficult, or I am jinxed.

And as I don’t have an evil eye (the proof is that I have the best life anyone can dream of), I am therefore too difficult… Murielle is even worst than me, you can imagine how our friends breakout in cold sweat when we open a bottle.

We are now at our 4th cork producer in 15 years, and I hope that I current supplier, Bourrassé, will keep on serving us well.

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