Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Bordeaux 2007 : Comments are coming out.
A big article by Izak Litwar was posted on Mark Squire’s Bulletin Board (and was already read by more than 1182 people). It included a nice picture of Bad Boy.
On the same BB, our friend Jay Hack wrote about Valandraud kosher. This is an appropriate time: Passover being a traditional holiday where families gather to share a good meal and drink good wine.

More than 20 crus have already been “released” as future. I only bought Reynon, Beaulieu, Marjosse, for if I hadn’t bought them as futures, there won’t be any left for me once bottled. This is a good enough reason for me to buy them, in addition to there quality. in this case, the balance between offer and demand doesn’t have to do anything with speculation but the interest in the brand, mainly due to the good price-quality ratio.

Friday 18, I had a very busy day with a meeting in Bordeaux with mister Clément Fayat and Jacques Bonvallé to talk about a nice business opportunity currently taking place in China. Even if this takes time, the strength created by the Groupe Fayat helps sell their wines through Bordeaux wine merchants. In this particular case, the merchants will have the chance to have a whole business structure brought in by the Groupe to support the sale. This wholesaler was selected for already selling to this Chinese customer.

It is difficult to go to Bordeaux and back to Saint Emilion without hitting traffic on the Pont d’Aquitaine , in other words, for ½ hour of productive work I spent 3 ½ hour in the car.
Fortunately, a cell phone with a hands free system helped deal with a few problems, such as the bottling of a wine planned for today and which had to be pushed back. This was due to a meeting which had to be rescheduled. We also had to wait for results confirming that the wine bought was up to the level of quality we are looking for, in other words with no TCA. The Rolland lab detected the problem during a tasting. The broker guaranteed that there was no reason to worry about this property. I prefer to lose a business opportunity than sell product with a “quality” risk, even if only 3% of customers would have noticed.

I then had enough time to call Jennifer to thank her and call the office to resolve a few problems. In the evening, I didn’t have the courage to go to the inauguration of Pascal Fauvel’s new bistrot/wine bar. Catherine Papon-Nouvel will certainly have a hard time in this little village to finally put together a place intended to support the notoriety of her properties.

Saturday was a calm day. A friend visited us with a group of friends then we attended a show organized by Karl and Axelle’s school, Virginie’s children.

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