Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Jean Marc Quarin published notes for his first series of Saint Emilion (on the membership section of his site).
Château La Dominique 16, Fleur Cardinale 16.5, Clos Badon 14.75 ( ?), Cheval Blanc with 17.5 seems to have the best note, but lets see the next series.

Yesterday, I had lunch at l’Huitrier Pie, the restaurant was full and nice. The good meal and fun table are great reasons to bring together wine and friends to spend a good time.
In the afternoon I attended the general assembly of the trade union for the wines of Saint Emilion, Lussac et Puisseguin. The meeting dragged on listening to speakers reading minutes that were already included in the report we received when we arrived (formality?!)

This morning, release of Maucaillou, Moulis Cru Bourgeois Superieur – as per the old classification (like Clément Pichon). The release price is slightly lower, but is the same than 10 years ago, in other words they never received benefits from inflation. Even though the brand is well known and the wine good.

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Paul Sharp said...

Hi Jean-Luc,

do you have any predictions or insights on pricing you can share?