Tuesday, April 15, 2008

About everything, as always… and more notes!

I read on Jacques Berthomeau’s blog: Treating your fellow man of schmuck is not an insult, it is a diagnostic (quotation from Frédéric Dard).
Whenever I use this word, it is often admiringly, surprised by the enormity of what I see, so I say “What fools!” or “What a fool!”.

As soon as I got back from Paris, where there are plenty of places to sell wine or spend your money, I attended a reception as well as lunch at La Dominique to introduce the wines from the Vignobles Fayat as well as mine.
The group of 23 sommeliers from Alsace reminded me that I have not been very good at selling my wines in one of the best and useful network in France: restaurants, high-end or right below. This kind of network can greatly help promote your wine. Whoever complains about how hard it is to sell their wine should rethink their fundamentals: wine stores and restaurants.

The notes from Jancis Robinson were just published on her website (paying membership). Our range came out pretty good with some very good notes. Thank you Jancis for basing your rating on the vintage and not on the weakness of the Pound and the Dollar.
Neal Martin also started releasing his notes.

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