Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I like to read the blog from Château du Champs des Treilles. It is written by Corinne Comme who runs, with her husband Jean Michel, a bio-dynamic winery not far from here.

The notes from Parker will come out before the end of the week and the 2007 vintage will finally be released with full knowledge of the facts. The Spring frost seems to be no longer a threat, it is now left to the power of our clients to set the rules of the game (yes, I forgot to mention that our job is like being a sheep… Beh Beh).
In the meantime, the results of the first sales of Bad Boy 2005 show that we will most likely not have enough wine: the USA and Japan are definitely our biggest markets.

Less than 30 wines have been released en primeur since January 22 and still no interesting signs, either from sellers, or buyers.
Come on, the notes from the Wine Spectator came out, as well as Jancis, the RVF, Bettane and Desseauve, Quarin, Grand Jury Européen, Decanter, Tom Canavan, etc.
It is true that Vinexpo Hong Kong has not yet taken place! Regarding Valandraud, no one, or very few have noticed the evolution of the style since 2005 towards softness and ripeness to go back to the successful vintages which made Valandraud, 1995 or 1998, even 1992!

Tasters nowadays judge a wine, often on the strength of the brand and the idea he (or she) makes of it. I won’t complain, except when, I feel a note is unjustified or influenced by publicity needs.
Even if I am not happy with notes I received, it not only concerns me, but also the credibility of the person who gave them. For a long time I thought that producers and tasters where in the same boat, too many mistakes and the best take our places.
I survive this pressure without being too depressed. Is it the same for critics?

Rieussec was released this morning at a higher price and with more volume. I have no allocation in 1st tranche – Down with privileges! (O course, I am kidding!)

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