Friday, April 18, 2008


Just a little reminder before he comes back (or maybe not ?) from Japan. 2 blogs describing the trip of the Grand Jury Européen in the land of the rising sun : The one from the GJE and from Jacques Perrin.

I told François that he will be surprised and that it was difficult, even for me, thanks to Valandraud, to be considered an “icon” in Japan, to tell him how he can expect to be received and how you can eat and drink well in this astonishing country; as long as you are ready to receive, be astonished, be opened to this far away and different country. I am always amazed and thank god and my guardian angel who helped me become a “Cinderella Wine” – another way to define garagiste in the Japanese language!
I will be there after Hong Kong (from May 30 June 3 in Tokyo) with 2 wine merchants from Bordeaux to introduce for the 2nd time a few Bordeaux 2007 futures with the Swedish star “Andreas Larsson, best sommelier in the world.

I don’t know if I should repeat this, but I heard comments from Bordeaux brokers and negociants about Château Rouget where I was fortunate to be invited as one of their distributor.
In short, 2007 wines will have to be carefully priced, even though the quality of many cru is undeniable, this year won’t prevent the cruelty of the market which is affected by several factors such as ratings, notoriety, inventory, ambiance and the Euro/Dollar exchange rate.
It seems to me that a price adjustment is in order and should be between 2004 and 2006, a drop, more of less important depending on the strength of the brand.
In new fine brands which I will “support” and will buy this year, Rouget will be again a good deal, and probably also Fieuzal, and hopefully many others. Bordeaux can also be pragmatic, for fine brands which keep on getting top rating still carry a favorable and easy selling ratio.

If you haven’t the opportunity to taste, I recommend to consult, in addition to journalists ratings, comments from amateur websites such as dé, La passion du vin (both in French), Mark Squire’s BB, Stéphane Toutoundji, while waiting for the notes of Revue du Vin de France and Parker which should be published at the end of the April.

JM Quarin started publishing his notes :
Ducru Beaucaillou received 16.75 , one of the best notes in Saint Julien, also well rated were, of course, Haut Brion and Mission Haut Brion.
The 14.25 given to Clément Pichon (we deserved 15+) shows the progress still needed as well as the difficulty to get good notes from journalists, critics, etc…
Yquem, with 18.25 has for the moment the best note of the vintage, according to Quarin.

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