Wednesday, April 23, 2008


In one of my recent comments, Bob posted an angry comment towards Jean Marc Quarin and Grands Crus explained the success of Lafite in China.
On this subject, I am interested in creating a wine in China. It is my partner’s task to find a nice area capable of producing nice grapes and we will take it from there!

The notes of Neal Martin from the Wine Journal are also available on the site of Robert Parker (for paying subscribers). I won’t give them but in short, the 1st growths got good notes and the garagistes less.
Just goes to show that critics can have different opinions, except maybe for 1st growths, but that’s another story.

Finally a few sales in 2007: Maucaillou , les vins Despagne (Mont Perat, Girolate)

The Chinese version of my blog, which was created 7 months ago, gets now 46000 hits and 1000 pages read per day. The number of visits seems to increase and this is a good sign as we want to create a Thunevin image in China.
Our trip to Hong Kong will certainly be useful, with synergies between Vignobles Jean Guyon , Aubert , and « Fayat, Droulers, Decoster and Thunevin-Calvet ». However, it will be the last time we will take a booth together.
In fact, our portfolio has increased so much that we plan be totally independent in the future. We will already be starting with the Revue du Vin de France show in the Palais Brogniard in Paris, May 17 and 18.

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