Friday, April 25, 2008

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Franck talks about energy and I am sure that he is right. Even if today we don’t have all the answers, we will have a scientific explanation later on the magic of blending (likewise for cuisine; in any case, research are being conducted in Canada – which I read in Méchant Raisin, on the work done by François Chartier on the components making a dish and a wine work together).

A voluntary slip of the pen by Vince2 compares 1997 to 2007…

Bob and Jean Marc Quarin should explain their opinion vis-à-vis Cheval Blanc 2007. If Jean Marc Quarin found it good, Bob doesn’t need to use birds names to express his disagreement, otherwise, he would also have to react to Neal Martin’s note (93-95) and Jancis Robinson (18).

Having not yet tasted Cheval Blanc, I can only say that the property seems to have done a big amount of work, noticeable since 2004 and that the volumes of the 1st wine in 2007 have been reduced so much that I wouldn’t be surprise if it became one of the finest wines of this vintage.

Moreover, considering myself as a friend of this property, I will always have a biased judgment, for, in my opinion, a wine is not a note… Fortunately for me, who, with Valandraud, never got more than 95 points from Robert Parker.

The campaign is dragging and dragging. A few wines are daring to come out. Some increased their prices like Sauternes, strangely a few reds as well, probably to protect deals already finalized? At least, I hope so, otherwise, how can they justify a price increase, even if the wine is good or if all the 2006 vintage was sold at a low price, or if demand is so great that the price increase can resolve this problem… Ha Ha!!
More worrying, even deals previously confirmed by some early negotiations don’t always come out.
Of course, everyone waits for Parker. But is it reasonable to wait with a Dollar at 1.60 and could still even go lower ?
Even if the notes are good, I would be surprise that he will recommend to buy our wines in the same way as for 2005!
We will see.

I would like to thank Bertrand Leguern for his work compiling notes from different journalists. It is always useful and gives the trend of the vintage:

1st Yquem
2nd Haut Brion blanc
3rd Ausone-Cheval Blanc-Mouton Rothschild-Petrus

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Paul Sharp said...

Hi Jean-Luc,

Thanks for the comments regarding pricing. I think there is a need for a price reduction even if it's more about acknowledging regular buyers business, rather than charging the price the market will stand. I think even small a reduction would help. Large scale private buyers I have spoken too are certainly cautious this year.

However as you suggest some of those "behind closed doors deals" could make such reductions impossible. Soft currencies don't help. The 1999 vintage caused some trouble because of the sinking value of the NZD at the time.