Friday, April 11, 2008


At this time, there are a lot of talks about traceability, quality of products and traces of chemicals in our food, of ecology. It is obvious, to me, that improvements still need to be done to keep our customers, but some basic issues still need to be dealt with:
Ripe grapes, clean cellars with no traces of TCA and other junk, good corks.

Even if traces of chemicals are still too high in the whole food chain, we shouldn’t lose track that the greatest danger in wine is alcohol and that even with an organic approach, nothing prevents a wine produced with organic grapes can be delivered with defects. Each sector has its excesses, the objective being to believe that improvement is constantly taking place in all levels of the food network. Proof is that in our countries we constantly expect to live longer and better today than yesterday and still our nostalgia always seems to make us believe that things were better before.

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