Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I don’t tell you everything

Every time I meet someone who reads my blog, they mention the number of meals and wines I drink.
It is the advantage and inconveniences of this job: What I mean is that the pleasure to eat well and drink good wine shouldn’t be for me an obligation, otherwise it would become a serious problem!
At least, as soon as we are alone, we drink water and eat simple to keep in shape.
In the meantime, we had a lunch at the Lard et Bouchon, a steak, ½ a glass of wine from Bergerac and a coffee. Lunches for Thursday and Friday are already planned.

I had lunch at Chateau Rouget with colleagues wine merchants before the release of the 2007 vintage. So, we tasted the wines from Chateau Rouget: Rouget 2007 received a great note from Jancis Robinson (17) and is one of the successes in Pomerol, which everyone agrees, is one of the successful appellations this year, after Sauternes. But, that’s another story.
The owners of Rouget are also co-owners of Domaines Jacques Prieur and the rare Montrachet 1999 which we greatly enjoyed. We also liked the more accessible Puligny Montrachet, Combettes 1er cru 2004.
Vive Burgundy (when it is of that level!).

Chateaux are starting to release there futures: As of now 0 cases sold by us.

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