Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vignobles Clément Fayat

The Clément Fayat vineyards are expending with a nice property of 5 hectares adjacent to the Châteaux La Dominique, Jean Faure and Cheval Blanc : Château Vieux Fortin ;
This property was already producing very good wine for a long time. Our objective is to do better and try to integrate it, at some point, to Château La Dominique, where its original terroir (an unbelievable pocket of clay and limestone) would bring more.

With the purchase in 2006, in association with my company for 50% each, the vines of Mr. Larthomas, Fayat vineyards in Pomerol - La Commanderie de Mazeyres (10 hectares), Prieurs de la Commanderie (3 hectares) - were enriched with 2 hectares, called Domaine Fayat-Thunevin. This domain also existing in Lalande de Pomerol (3 hectares each) and will soon be available in a famous airline.
The expansion of Vignobles Clément Fayat shows, if proof were needed, how important these properties are to Clément Fayat and his family.

And to meet the challenges ahead, and following my proposal, a full-time Managing Director was appointed. He has the responsibility to sell and market all the wines to Bordeaux trade via brokers as well as sales within the group Fayat, which now has nearly 105 companies and 16,000 employees.
Yannick Evenou, has a strong experience with 20 years in Bordeaux trade (CVBG and Jean Michel Cazes properties). He will be the only person dealing with sales which I handled until now.
I keep for the coming years my role as an outside consultant, for the properties and the Fayat family, also with some marketing and communication responsibilities.
The rest of the team in place in the vineyards is under the responsibility of Peter Meylheuc, COO.

This appointment is a strong signal the family Fayat sends to our customers and suppliers, and confirms that all means are now available for the properties to be the best, and especially that everything will be implemented for Chateau La Dominique to finally reach the status of 1er Grand Cru Classé B
That is the goal Fayat Clement, his wife and children have given us.
It is our responsibility to deserve it.

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