Thursday, October 15, 2009


On October 13th in the evening, we drank at our friends ;
Champagne Moet et Chandon Brut
Domaine de Chevalier rouge 2004, simply delicious and astonishingly drinkable for a vintage usually a bit « too » austere.
Angélus 2004, drank a bit too cold which brought out its austerity. Warmed up in the glass, this wine found again its elegance.
A Pomerol 2006, produced with ambition as it was offered at a price of 120 Euros, hard, vegetal, a total miss. I forgot the name of this cuvee, but not the name of this wine which I didn’t know. I understand why!
At the end, we drank an excellent Pape Clément 2003 which everyone recognizes today that it is one of the best wines in Bordeaux. This reminds me that in our quality-price-ratio reports from the same owner, La Tour Carnet is also included.

For lunch at noon, I drank Montviel 2003 Pomerol from Catherine Péré-Vergé, simply good. It is one of the successes in this difficult vintage, especially in Pomerol.

Harvest, October 14 : Laroque, Plaisance, part of the southern side and in front of the château in Bel Air : only batches able to make Valandraud our 1st wine.

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