Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bernard Magrez

Christian Seguin wrote a portrait of Mister Bernard Magrez in the newspaper Sud Ouest, titled « La sueur et le risque » (Sweat and risk). He could have made different portrait of my friend, the man has so many facets and stories to write about, to tell, to imagine.
Christian Seguin wrote a portrait of me a few years ago in the same newspaper. I was surprised by the accuracy of what he had written and his ability to go fast, at least that's how I first experienced this great article written by Christian Seguin for this paper which, had ignored me for a very long time and my adventure with “garage” wine. Lets not forget that this new venture caused a great stir in Bordeaux establishment.

In the USA, Parker participated in a tasting of 15 Bordeaux from the 2005 vintage organized by the Executive Wine Seminar (it didn’t include Valandraud):
1st Latour, 2nd Angélus, 3rd Pape Clément, 4th Troplong Mondot, 5th Eglise Clinet and Le Gay, etc.
Blind tastings are useful and reading the Grand Jury Européen’s blog too!

This will be a great vintage in Burgundy :
713 men and women voluntarily got naked in a vineyard in Fuissé to make a statement on global warming and take pictures for Greenpeace
I’d like this to happen in Bordeaux!

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