Friday, October 2, 2009

Saint Michel

Tuesday evening, the Michels, Puzio and Gracia, Château Croix de Labrie and Gracia, were celebrating Saint Michel (Saint Michael) at l’Essentiel with their friends. This was a good opportunity to decompress before the 2009 harvest and drink good bottles of champagne, including Blanc de Blanc from Ruinard and Deutz.
After, we invited our friends to our house in honor of Jean-Pierre Xiradakis (owner of the famous restaurant La Tupina in Bordeaux) for a meal prepared by Murielle,
Tomato and vermicelli soup (tomatoes from my father-in-law’s garden) and an appropriate Clos du Beau Père 2006.
Pork Grattons and Pata Negra with Fleur Cardinale 2004 (our friends were staying next door) and rabbit with shallots and morels.
Gracia 2004 to keep on celebrating Saint Michel’s feast with the cheese.
Valandraud 2002 (forgotten vintage) who begins to drink well, and goes gently or longer.
We finished with a cake with rose (made with rose petals), candied figs from Gabarra and ice cream made with Tahitian vanilla and drank Maury 2007 which made Jean-Pierre Xiradakis shed tears of pleasure. He is ready to promote this wine in his restaurant, but how can he sell it, and especially please his friend publisher who was named by the Liberation newspaper “Citizen Kid”, Patrice Amen was the boss of Editions Milan in Toulouse. Maury, figs, Toulouse are a glimpse of happiness

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