Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update on the harvest

Friday, we harvested young vines of merlot in Fongaban, Laroque and Cateau.
We’ll start again on Monday and probably go on for the whole week. Some vineyards will be harvested more than 3 weeks after our neighbors, hail being partly responsible for the delay in ripening we expected, the drought this summer and our stubbornness to do better every year in order to remain in the top wines of the world - Bordeaux has long ceased being the center of the world.
We had lunch with a large group of Brazilian journalists (I’m starting to enjoy it), some I already met in Sao Paulo, accompanied by Mexican journalists.
This will be a harvest meal, with a single dish: couscous, and some wines from Bordeaux in the absence of Mascara, star wine of my native Algeria.

I read in the newspaper Sud Ouest:
Cadet Piola was sold to the insurance company La Mondiale. It constitutes a beautiful group of quality terroir and again is a strong signal about the great potential of wines from St. Emilion.

We attended the harvesters lunch at Croix de Labrie, Wednesday, October 7, 2009, in Michel and Ghislaine’s cellar for the pickers and table d’hôtes for friends. The opportunity to have fun and drink good bottles of wine made here.
Petite Chapelle 2005, Croix de Labrie 2007 hyper concentrated Merlot, Croix de Labrie 2006 of a quality level and texture of the best wines of Bordeaux and of course the excellent 2005;
What progress already made since 1991 Croix de Labrie, which has been given glorious titles like “garage wine”, “vin de salon” (Bettane) and “liquid Viagra” (Parker).

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