Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Harvest... maximum stress

Haut Mazeris, 5 hectares of the 10 the property were done Monday and Tuesday. For the rest?

Carles, 1 hectare done…. The rest ?

La Dominique, La Commanderie de Mazeyres, Prieurs de la Commanderie : all the Merlots are in. We still have to do the Cabernets Francs.

Valandraud : nothing yet

Clos du Beau Père : 2 hectares out of 4

Margaux : nothing yet

My daughter’s vineyards : 20 % already picked

Etc…. The harvest will start again on Monday !

For a bit of destressing, Vive Brazil as everything seems to work for them right now:
1/ 2009 : The year of France
2/ 2010 : Distribution of Valandraud and all my wines
3/ 2014 : Football World Cup
4/ 2016 : Olympic games
5/ Broadcasting of a TV program about our friend Henrique Sloper and his biodynamic Cafe Jacu, and also about the prettiest journalist in Brazil : Viviane Anselme.

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