Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ah, these Americans !

This morning, an American friend asked me for the analysis of Valandraud 2009. We haven’t yet finished harvesting!
This shows the interest there is in this vintage. He will have to wait, because we still have to harvest next week: 2 vineyards of Merlot: the north side of Bel Air and Despagnet (in the valley), and, of course, the Cabernet Francs of Badon, Prieuré Lescours, Bel Air as well as the Cabernet Sauvignon of Prieuré Lescours and the Carmenère of Bel Air – late varietal.
Also, the Cabernets in Haut Mazeris and even a parcel of Merlot in Pomerol, in Clos du Beau Père.

If at the end of this I don’t have a stomach ulcer and one or two depressions after harvest, is that really, I'm tough.

I think that choosing to harvest super late was the right choice. Murielle, Christophe, Rémi and Jean Philippe have done the maximum not to miss the tremendous potential of this vintage.

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