Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This weekend, the Financial Times published an article on white Bordeaux and included Blanc de Valandraud.

I also listened to José Ruiz taping for France Bleue Gironde. The same José Ruiz also asked me how to find on my blog the comments I wrote on Terre de Vins. José, you just need to use the search function on my blog and click OK. I also had to ask…

Media, as always: our partners in China (FTI) can read my blog in French, which included to news, was previously difficult to access. Thank you China, thank you Yuyen.

Mr. Bonvallet wrote “Why is there no more to the Cuvée Constance in Leclerc’s Wine Fair? At least in the places I visited, and had mixed comments from the store’s wine staff.”
The person in the store doesn’t seem to do his (her) job properly and instead feels the need to bad mouth a wine he either didn’t know how to sell or doesn’t have on his shelves. He believes he is doing a good thing in case this wine is sold in a competitor supermarket.
Despite having been an “Incredible Leclerc”, they struggled to sell a Vin de Pays de Côtes Catalanes, even “Incredible”, but sold at twice the price of another Vin de Pays… Don’t count on telling stories to Madame Michu… If he could have used Parker’s notes, it could have probably worked.

This wine is now sold in France by my wholesale business, a few stores like Vins & Bières, at the property in Maury, and also in my stores in Saint Emilion or our online store.

Two very big European distributors, one Swiss and one German, share the distribution with an American.

Hard to be a prophet in his own country ... Perhaps central purchasing office of another French chain wants to try distribute this Constance cuvee and all the other wines produced by our partners Jean Roger and Marie Calvet.

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