Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chateau de Carles in Fronsac

Walking through the streets of Saint Emilion from my house to the office, I often have the opportunity to talk to various people. It’s true that there are many wine stores along my route.
One of these stores is crazy about Haut Carles. They believe that it has an unbeatable quality price ratio and are also very interested in Chateau de Carles.

To accompany my story, I included below a few pictures – taken by me on Saturday, October 2, during the visit of Carles by James Lawther for a forthcoming book he is writing on Bordeaux.


Carle LaCouture said...

My name is Carle LaCouture. I live at 594 Main Street, Lumberton, NJ 08048, and my email address is . I was named after my mothre's maiden name, Carle. A cousin on the Carle side of the family found through genealogical research that our Carle ancestors established Chateau de Carles. I have ben unsuccessful in locating a source of the winery's products in my home area, and would appreciate information on where/how to obtain some.
Thank you!
Carle LaCouture

Bill Hudson said...

Beautiful wine.

Thank you

Bill Hudson
Brownsville, Texas