Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Express trip to Korea

I just came back from a quick trip to Korea with Philippe Porcheron (owner and creator of Marojallia) and Pascale, at the request of our distributor. We flew out on Air France from Bordeaux on Saturday, August 25th at 10:35 am via Paris, and returned on August 29th, departing Seoul at 9:20 am for Paris, then Bordeaux.
Quick, short, but intense.

The organization was perfect, Philippe was not used to such an amount of attention and for my part, I am still not blasé by it, which feels more like being a rock-star than the promotional trip of a wine-merchant. We really enjoyed the kindness and availability of our Korean friends.
We attended all sorts of meals: Korean, Italian, French; shows, and met a great numbers of journalists and media. Already, many articles on me were published following my previous trip. We finished with a reception dinner and a show to announce our partnership, for 80 VIPs in the magnificent private salons of the Sheraton Walkerhill where we had nice rooms.

The pairing of Korean tradition and Bordeaux wines garagistes/nouvelle vague style worked perfectly.
I already saw the results with my wines, including Blanc de Valandraud, Bad Boy, Virginie and Valandraud, listed in many fine restaurants. Thanks to the efficient work done by our importer and his sales and marketing team.
This comfortable welcome made the 7 hours jet-lag, compounded with the 5 hours (the other way) from the Brazil trip, cancel out each other.

In the meantime, work goes on here with the preparation for the harvest. The vintage seems to be good, but it is not yet in our cellars.

I found, by chance, on the site of the NouvelObs magazine, a nice picture of l’Essentiel which was included in one of their articles (in French).

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