Friday, September 25, 2009

What the day owes to the night

The good thing about traveling is that I have time to read a book or two waiting in airports or in the planes, as soon we’re airborne, I (easily) try to sleep.

During my recent trip to Brazil with Air France, which had no problem, and I even found the service more attentive, I had the pleasure of reading this novel (but is it a novel?) by Yasmina Khadra. The real name of this uncommon writer is Mohammed Moulessehoul, Algerian, born on January 10, 1955.
This book whose story takes place in Oran before and just after the independence of Algeria reminded me of my childhood in Sidi Chami (near Oran and Rio Salado). This novel is based on love, friendship, the difficulty of being mixed race, has made me shed a few tears, "Nostalgérie" defining the atmosphere of this beautiful novel that all “pieds noirs” (black feet – French people living in Algeria during the colonies) should read.

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