Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No time to take a breather...

.... that already the 2009 harvest began in Pomerol, and we have not yet installed thermoregulation in some of our tanks in Clos du Beau Père.
Everyone is on deck, the whites will be done by next week and the reds should start around the 25th? Anyway, it's not up to me!

I spent the morning working for the Vignobles Fayat and then had lunch with a banker friend (if it exists) and Mr Dufrenoy, the painter who paints with wine: he’s not an idiot, he uses a glass for his canvas and drinks the rest to help his creativity.
I should have thought of it before, except that I have no talent, which is not the case for Mr Dufrenoy.

This evening, I plan to have a good meal with my friend José Ruiz, the caves of Ferrand with Max. Talking about eating, with lunch at Les Marronniers (in Montagne) we drank a good Reclos La Couronne 2003 (Montagne Saint Emilion)

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