Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy weekend

Friday, there were so many people attending the inauguration of the Comptoir de Saint Genès de Castillon, that we decided, Murielle, the photographer Jon Wyand and myself to have lunch in Montagne (St. Emilion) in the restaurant Les Maronniers where the steak is worth a visit and where the wine list offers a nice selection of wines at regular price, plus a beautiful terrace and attentive and friendly service. What more do you want?

When we returned to the Comptoir de Saint Genès after our meal, there were as many people as before, but at this stage the guests still present were not as hungry and thirsty. It gave us the opportunity to see many friends winemakers or involved in the wine world. I finally was able to meet for the first time the English sponsor of this clever place in Genès, the famous Tony Laithwaite, and who has been buying, among other things, our cuvee Hugo from Domaine Calvet-Thunevin 2003. Saturday, we attended a big wedding in Fronsac. Again, it gave us the opportunity to see some of our acquaintances, buddies and friends. Many people were dressed very chic and there was a fun atmosphere, thanks to young friends of the married party. The meal was incredible considering it was served for almost 400 people. The wines served were all of great quality, including our Calvet-Thunevin Maury 2004 which was in perfect harmony with dessert prepared for this occasion by Mr. Alain Dutournier, famous for his Paris restaurant Le Carré Feuillant, with its 2 stars, which are worth 3, and offers one of the best value in France (lunch at 58 euros - 85 with wine!)

Sunday, we participated in the Jurade of Saint Emilion which included a fine group of guests including: Ministers, MPs, senators and even the President of the Senate (2nd most important political figure in the French state). Other VIPs included an actor from Hong Kong and the usual festive atmosphere. In addition, the quality of this year’s vintage put a smile on my fellow growers’ faces.

At home, we did a serious tasting of our whites, then visited our vineyards with 2 friends attending the wedding in Fronsac. The good thing with wine is that it's never over, tasting requires further work in order to improve: never satisfied, should the name for on of our wines!
We drank all weekend organic wine and had a few disappointments.

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