Friday, September 11, 2009


This is the series of thanks ....

I would like to thank Pierre Lurton for inviting us to the inauguration of his cellar of Marjosse (red and white) in Tizac de Curton.

What a good turnout! We missed having a ribbon cutting ceremony at the winery, but with this September 2009 sun, for once, it would have been tough for our older colleagues who should not stay too long exposed, even under the pretext to take their place! It will undoubtedly bring us some happiness.

What a pleasure to listen to Professor Denis Dubourdieu compare grapes (and therefore wine) from 2009 to 2006 or 1996 with a balance similar to Meursault. I like to hear this sort of comparison for Murielle and I love fine white wines of Burgundy.
Actually, we had the chance to taste our White Valandraud No. 1 of 2006 at a friend‘s yesterday evening. The word Meursault was obvious and amongst the many red wines served, there was a very good Eglise Clinet 2004 and Tenuta Di Trinoro 2001 simply very good (tasted blind).

For dinner, we ate a beef sirloin grilled over a bunch of Merlot vine-canes (just kidding, I have no clue!) and hop in bed for Murielle started at 7:30 am picking the Sauvignon Gris and Sauvignon Blancs from vineyards perfectly lined up.

Thank you my friend who, despite my little paranoia, took the time to listen and to appease my anxieties. It's always the same story at the time of harvest, and it's getting worse every year.
And yet, I don’t take care much of the harvest anymore, leaving the full responsibility for my vineyards to Jean-Roger and Marie, in Maury, and Murielle and Christophe Lardière here and the managers of properties which I am a consultant.
I’m a funny consultant who, in fact, puts incredible pressure on managers who are responsible for an entire year. And it works. This shows by the quality of our 2007 and 2008. I had already taken a step back for 2006.

The new cellar in Faugères is almost finished: this morning, there was so many people on the site that I thought for a moment they the harvest had started!

The market seems to be recovering for our Bordeaux and our Japanese friend and distributor told us earlier that he is about to resume placing orders with us within the next 3 months. The few orders coming in give us a bit of energy while waiting for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong and Japan.

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