Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Following your happy comments.

This object is not a UFO, not a proper tool used in viticulture, but a trap for wasps, which, attracted by the sugar, come and eat our grapes damaging them.
There is no other choice but these traps, sugar water (even beer) attracting them and where they drown, otherwise, we would need to use nets or insecticide, or have little or no healthy harvest.

Relax, François. Relax.
I did, in fact, glanced through the text; like you, I don’t like pseudo (jerks) as Michel Bettane would say, however, I am a bit more relaxed regarding content and form, me the quintessential anxious person, and the importance to give to these comments, which, by the way, have given the Grand Jury a remarkable boost in readership. Why not include in your blind tasting Romanée Conti from Burgundy, icons are like idols made to be burned. I hope, one day, that my dear Valandraud will also be bashed. Who loves well, chastises well (or spare the rod and spoil the child), is it Catholic? Leave Mrs. Michou out of this, we are in the middle of Foire aux Vins (wine promotions), tonight at Leclerc and Libourne and Saint Magne de Castillon.
Ceps from Corrèze are good, there will be no or just a few truffles, these are important issues.

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