Monday, September 7, 2009

Before changing subject

Explanation on my posts, “Common sense, sequel”, “Common sense?” and “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing”.

I am not anymore a spring chicken, but I still remain a bit rebellious, but not indifferent. I feel I have to express my anger and anguishes, which is good for my health, instead of keeping it inside. Thanks to this blog, I can share the sadness felt by my friends when they loose confidence in the system and that their patience is waning waiting for the recognition they feel their wine deserves!
I am only affected by these notes because of my friends in the Roussillon and the position emerging in some French media concerning Bordeaux as well as anti Parker, anti Bettane, and Burtschy, as if “it was better before” (before what?) and start defending wine which, if they had tasted them blind (I believed it already happened), would be totally rejected.

It is still possible to defend these wines, and I can easily admit, they are under the charm and emotion of the words and charisma of the owners. But instead, they should write: I like the owner, I like his words, I like his influence on the evolution of organic winegrowers, I like when he makes miracles with grapes picked one month before his neighbors, I like when his dying vine stocks produced their last breath to create posthumous work… please, should our reasoning about wine be false in order to justify some passionate love?
Should everything be sacrificed to poetry and crucify wines too sexy, too whore, wine people like, parkerized, just to be different? Except if I am a bit, a lot, idiot, blind and deaf.

What I see today emerging is true, they are true feelings, real points of view, real opinion well thought through, real declaration of love, true evolution which, perhaps, will follow those of modern wine initiated by Emile Peynaud, Michel Rolland, with the help of the media, Luxey, Parker, RVF during Bettane.
A return of pendulum?
A just return towards a civilized, intellectualized taste?
True change, same as for food, where today people want less fat, less sugar and more aspartame, even glutamate?
Growing older longer, thin and sulking or living a disorderly life, fat and happy, is it a choice? Undoubtedly the truth is in the middle.

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