Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hard work

Last week, Olivier Boutros-Toni wanted to introduce me to a plowman using a horse but unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet him because I was busy with a group of Ukrainian friends I joined at L’Envers du Décor (it was so packed that I ate for the first time on the 1st floor).
Then, we visited Chateau Angelus and really liked the 2006 vintage. Following, we went to L’Essentiel so they could purchase and drink some Croix de Labrie 2000 and Valandraud 1999.

To return to the farmer’s story, Olivier doesn’t seem to know that my partner in the Roussillon has already used a mule for an inaccessible plot and that we even had an article published with pictures in a local newspaper ...

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