Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i TV

Last Thursday, September 17, the live broadcast at 9:25 pm, went well. Better than I expected.
The title: « Les échos de l’éco » (play on words meaning “the echo’s feedback”), presented by Capucine Graby, with a journalist from Les Echos and David Barroux, Editor in Chief of a high-tech media and especially, or I would say fortunately, interested in people and wine.
I still like as much empathy from journalists who all seem (or almost) to think I am a genius, interesting.
It’s good for my ego, I can’t help it, I like to be loved!
I was asked more questions and got more time than I expected, it was fast, and a bit "candid" when asked about Robert Parker. In any case, time went by fast, and again, I found it was too short.
I was invited by Capucine Graby, thanks to a young “intern" Darfeuille Alice, whose father is the owner of MitSiu Group with whom I get along well and where I store wine sold by my wholesale business, because my warehouse in Saint Magne is too small.
When I left the plateau, I was stopped by Sylvain, who no one ever see on i TV (a technician?). He is a great wine lover, and misses the time when he had the means of buy Valandraud. He told me he loves Bettane, but not Parker (?), and, and ...
I could have spent the evening with them but, unfortunately, I had had to take an early morning TGV to Libourne.

I plan to participate to the Grand Tasting organized by Bettane and Desseauve at the Carousel du Louvre, December 4th & 5th in Paris!

Upcoming trips: Hong Kong - Guangzhou this week
From October 16 to 20: Kiev, Ukraine
From October 21 to 31: Japan - Hong Kong
Air France and KLM need our help ... Hopefully, I will be able to get upgraded

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