Saturday, August 29, 2009

Foire Aux Vins (wine promotions)

The Revue de Vins de France special issue for the “Foire aux Vins” (Wine promotion), tasted again 2006 and 2007 top Bordeaux.
They included :
La Dominique 2006 et 2007
La Commanderie de Mazeyres 2006
Prieurs de la Commanderie 2007

Also listed was a 2006 Dentelles cuvee from our Calvet-Thunevin vineyard (was it necessary). The comment and note is intended for amateurs looking for powerful wine and optimum ripeness: “warning, amateurs who like southern wine with a northern taste, stay clear”.

If this could bring some kind of consolation, Hervé Bizeul’s wines are treated with the same spirit, even if he got better notes.
…When I think that I teamed up with Jean-Roger and Marie Calvet to make wine which reflect the area, and not make Bordeaux, was I wrong?

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