Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend in Maury

We spent the weekend in Maury and visited our vineyards. They looked nice despite a difficult year.

We ate in the brand new fine restaurant where wines from Maury are being prominently featured (we drank a very good Clos del Rey 2004, served at the right temperature in these new trendy glasses which I don’t like, but they are solid…)

We visited Claudine and Hervé Bizeul in Vingrau, said hello to the children, tasted the latest wines produced including a remarkable Clos des Fées white, and visited the Domaine de la Chique with its olive grove planted in terrace. This large property (I believe around 150 hectares?) has a beautiful view on the Etang de Salse. It includes 20 hectares of vineyards plus thousands of crickets.

We had one more meal with Geneviève and Jean Pla in the table d’hôte then back to work on Monday where a new employee who will be responsible for trading just started. As for me, I am having lunch at Greg’s with 4 American journalists to talk about “Bordeaux new style”.

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