Friday, July 13, 2007

Organization of our distribution

Visit of the vineyards and cellar of Château Valandraud in Saint Etienne de Lisse and of Clos Badon. Also, visit of our warehouse in Saint Magne de Castillon with 3 of our customers from California (French Americans) and a video reporter video for the internet site Vininews :

Tasting in L’Essentiel of Château Commanderie de Mazeyres which they will distribute in California, in addition to the wines they already carry: Vin de Bob, Haut Mazeris…

Following the distribution agreement already in place for the USA and Canada, we are currently finalizing a distribution agreement for our kosher cuvees for the rest of the world, including France. We’ll provide the contact info for our exclusive distributor upon request.

Meeting with the architect in charge of our project in Maury, which is finally starting. This project will cost less, time had reason of our crazy plan to build an ambitious cellar. Money, always money… The world of wine, despite its “artists”, always need money to operate, financing, clients, etc…

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