Friday, July 6, 2007

2004 according to GJE

Yesterday, Murielle and Valérie showed Alain Bringolf (from, site that I regularly visit) around our vineyards, Daniel Seriot from Saint Emilion (who I don’t know) and 2 of their friends who didn’t leave us their cards.
I try more and more to have Murielle show our vineyards as I spend less time there my time being mainly taken by the wholesale business, the Vignobles Fayat, etc…

Murielle “just” opened a bottle of Valandraud 1999. We mainly serve this vintage as it is not so concentrated, already ripe and probably drinkable now as it is custom for an “average” vintage. In addition, we still have a bit of stock as opposed to 38 bottles of 2001 and 175 of 2001. Today, with the addition of clayey limestone terroirs from Saint Etienne de Lisse, ph close to 3.5 and strong acidity, such a wine would most likely avoid oxidation!

The Grand Jury Européen published its notes and comments of Bordeaux 2004 tasted blindly.

I participated to one of the events and also loved Magrez Fombrauge (42nd) and Marojallia (25th). I am happy to see Pape Clément getting 1st place and 2nd for Angélus, which are becoming regulars to theses first places with this jury.
When one looks at the results, there seems to be a consistent regularity, regardless the vintage, for Haut Condissas, Pavie and Valandraud (20th).
Confirmation for wines lacking the notoriety of a noble appellation, like Les Grands Chênes, Le Pin Beausoleil, Karolus and especially for Haut Carles which, again, reaches a place in the very good Bordeaux (52nd).
Clos Badon, Commanderie de Mazeyres, Compassant, La Fleur Mongiron are in the top 100 and considering the price, are confirmed as very “good values” for enlightened and not snobbish amateur!

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