Monday, July 30, 2007


On Mark Squires Bulletin Board, the « Garagiste Blog » thread received 44381 visits and 945 written notes.

Every 15 days, an article about garage wines is published in the international press… positive or not. Why are there so many articles if this trend doesn’t exist anymore?
Isn’t the Cabernet style still considered herbal? It is often the same people who defend this style who criticize the small garagist for picking his grapes too ripe, too much… too much…
Are great wines only supposed to be elegant, refined? Can any great wines also be extravagant, extrovert, extra everything?
Every time I have the chance to taste Cheval Blanc 47, I think that fortunately everything that year was too much! I only had once the opportunity to taste Mouton 45. I have the firm belief that this wine has always been “too” good. To say that a garage wine from America, Spain or French will provide the same emotions… let’s wait and see. But why not? We just have to wait 40 to 60 years!

Elections in Saint Emilion: the current administration has been reelected with a large majority and without any opposition! Is it good for the local democracy?.. Perhaps for the electorate has cast its choice. As for me, like at every election, my vote was mixed as it is necessary in a small district. This time, I still had friends in each of the 3 lists, which made things hard for me to choose. In fact, in France, one cannot speak about politics or religion… I am catholic, but I like the idea of reincarnation (which explains a lot!).

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