Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The CIVB is changing

Yesterday, the meeting with 4 American jourmalists was put together to show, in part, the “new face of Bordeaux” and for that, I brought 6 bottles of 2005 (which erased the word “has been” from the vocabulary of all the anti-Bordeaux).
In fact, this vintage is so seductive and so complex that it can be appreciated by neophytes as well as most astute wine connoisseur. The tasting and meal at Greg’s with these professionals went to fast, except for Pauline who was translating and trying to eat at the same time.
I brought the following wines: Présidial, Commanderie de Mazeyres, La Dominique, Haut Carles, Fleur Cardinale and Valandraud. Each wine had its « little success ».

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