Thursday, July 26, 2007


The grapes are now starting to change color which means that the beginning of the harvest will most likely start on September 17 and end on October 10?
I must buy 600 new barrels for my Bordeaux wines (including the barrels for Haut Mazeris).
If you ad the properties I manage, consult for, I think I can ad 1000 barrels. Maybe it is time for me to invest in a cooperage company.

I am currently preparing a trip to South Africa. Should I go there as an investor, a consultant, or not do anything?

This evening, I am having dinner at la Tupina with Jean Guyon and his friends where we will have a major tasting.

I have in my head the song from Christophe Willem « Double je » (a play on words meaning "double me" instead of double game – “jeu”): “That’s the way it is, what can I do about it, what do you want…” (for the rest go to
Let me adapt these words to my situation “when I will be old I will finally know who I am, but in the meantime I am at ease with being garagiste… That’s the way it is, what can I do about it” ;-)

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