Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Question of Price

Yesterday afternoon, I received a group of Spanish winemakers from Ribera del Duero, Vina Sastre, who wanted me to taste their Regina Vides 2003. A good wine, but especially their micro cuvee Pesus 2004. Murielle and I found it particularly astonishing, to the point that we finished the bottle for dinner. The price of these 2 wines is simply very expensive. Is that due to a marketing decision or because of demand?

Yesterday alone, I probably tasted around ten wines, and in addition to the wholesalers, I went around visiting négociants and cellars.

Cheval Blanc 2006 with the small volumes it released, won’t be difficult to sell, but if the allocations keep on being reduced, all these great wines will end up in the micro cuvee category (as the term garage doesn’t apply).

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