Monday, July 23, 2007

Tropical climate

Despite the constant threat from diseases due to the tropical climate, nothing has yet been lost for this 2007 vintage : if the weather cooperates in August and September, Bordeaux will still be able to produce a nice vintage.
In the meantime, a little highlight on a few scenarios…
1/ A vine where the owner missed a treatment:

2/ Our vine, not so bad :

3/ The vine from one of our very organic neighbor. He doesn’t make a living from his vineyards but only produces a small plot for is personal consumption :

Friday, we received one more contingent of Russian visitors at l’Essentiel. However, we knew one of them as it was the representative from one of our best customers (and one of her friends) from the area of St Petersburg. In addition from being pretty, this young lady had this joy, this cheerfulness which is so often missing in our sales contacts. This lust for life which makes each of our meetings a moment of happiness, positive and useful for she is also looking to improve her sales, and even consider taking a wine course… What an energy! She is so communicative that I guided her through one of the most magical places of Saint Emilion: the caves of Ferrand, of course in addition to Valandraud.

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