Friday, July 20, 2007


Yesterday, I spent almost the whole day with a Russian television crew shooting a major piece on Bordeaux, without going through the trade organizations, CIVB, etc… There guide was Russian Francophile very knowledgeable about the world of wine and I had the pleasure to spend a good ten hours with them.

There too, evolution has been rapid: 1st cru buyers, comprised of rich wine enthusiasts want to be able to find lesser known wine which can give them similar sensation for lesser money. This would make them look like being civilized and connoisseurs in the eye of their friends… I feel that this process is going faster, in terms of evolution of taste and knowledge, than the American market which has now become an ultra sophisticated market like in Japan.
La night for dinner (with 7 people), we drank in the following order:
Blanc de Valandraud n° 1 2005
Château Commanderie de Mazeyres 2004
Château Compassant 2004
Haut Carles 2004
Vieux Chateau Certan 1945
(sublime ! served quickly and at the right temperature : in other words with a cellar at 16° C where this bottle rested for more than 10 years)
Calvet Thunevin les 3 Marie
Calvet Thunevin Maury 2004

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