Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hervé Bizeul’s view on Bordeaux primeur

Hervé, I couldn’t resist sharing the enthusiasm you posted today on your blog.
… “I would like to reveal, to shout for almost no one is talking about this wine, which is for me, this year, one of the most beautiful and greatest wines of this vintage, a Fronsac. Certainly, it is a simple Fronsac, but people making this statement don’t know that Fronsac is one of the greatest terroir in Bordeaux, and is most likely the most disliked, forgotten and neglected. It’s stupid, but this is the way it is. Oh, I know, this post will have less impact than if it was published in the Figaro Magazine or the RVF, but there is there no reason one cannot pray in the desert. Who knows, after all.

Haut-Carles, not to name it, is an exceptional wine this year, the living symbol of what a great Bordeaux can be when all goes well and that it is made by a passionate winemaker with a brilliant team and almost unlimited means. It will certainly be expensive, around twenty Euros en primeur (I am joking, considering the means used, I am not sure if it will be sold at a loss…), however, for me, this is the wine I will pop in a couple of years with a glimmer in my eye, when my friends will pull out their gleaming labels. Bang, Bang, I can already see the deceptions;-))

This wine is a monster of power, refinement, elegance, depth, complexity and, if you only buy one this year, allow me a bit of confidence, this is the one. Oh, one day, it might even reach the top group at a Grand Jury Europeen tasting. Or if Bob has the opportunity to taste it, he will be stricken for it is the style he likes. However, if one day it gets appreciated at its right value, with or without an increase in value (who cares, no?), I assure you that this wine will enchant you, will surprise you, will astonish you, will impress you for years and years.

So, I said it, it is now your turn to see." Hervé Bizeul

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