Friday, September 30, 2011


Château Villemaurine, the last Belgian acquisition in the history of Saint Emilion
Purchased by the family of Mr. Justin Onclin in 2007, this lovely property located in Saint Emilion has made a fantastic leap in quality and reputation. It is true that both human and financial resources were not spared to make the best wine possible on this very fine terroir.

The 2nd wine, Les Angelos de Villemaurine 2009 is a blend of sweet ripe grapes, coconut, vanilla but Villemaurine 2009 is actually one of the very fine wines of St. Emilion and in fact one of the very credible new applicants to the 2012 Saint Emilion 2012 classification.

If you have time, the underground cellar is worth visiting (12 euros).

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