Friday, September 2, 2011

A nos amours - Lafont Fourcat

One of the wines we sell best in our wholesale division and in our stores belongs to Paul-Marie Morillon, born July 8, 1958 according to Facebook, where he barely participates (as usual).
His Chateau, his property, called Fourcat Lafont, always gets special awards and always selected by our clients, my employees and even critics as different as Jean Marc Quarin (who increased demand in Switzerland) or Michel Bettane who is still not bored by a good wine and a sincere winegrower.

So, Paul-Marie, you should either produce more wine, or have less talent. You have to choose your side. You can even choose to be wise and not to change anything, it works well like that

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Daniel Greathouse said...

The 2009 is brilliant!