Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy weekend

We had a busy weekend starting on Friday, February 1st with a trip to Blasimon to see a beautiful property recently bought by Chinese and starting the harvest, then lunch at home with Louis Havaux, well known Belgian here in St. Emilion, journalist, Vino, Megavino, European Grand Jury Europeen, Mondial du Vin and FIJEV, and probably many other activities including Chancellor of Saint Emilion Jurade.
Saturday morning, visit of a nice group of Russian wine professionals.

The Jurade was busy on Saturday evening with a parade through the town for Heritage Day followed by beautiful fireworks. Lots of people in the streets, 10,000 people according to police and 25,000 according to the organizers! Jokes aside, a great event.

The next day, large Collegial mass in the Church took place, full with people taking this opportunity to see this Jurade and new ambassadors, including the famous tennis player Henri Leconte, and listen to the tenor Joseph Calleja, what a voice! Then, parade through the streets and reception in the prestigious setting of the Monolith.
We had a photographer, Jon Wyand, at home for lunch so I was not able to attend the official dinner (400 guests) but I was present at the procession around the Tour du Roi for the famous ban des vendanges (launch of the harvest).
In the evening, we had dinner at home with friends.
During that time, the harvest continued this Saturday and Sunday: some plots are ripe and can’t wait any longer!

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