Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jean Marc Quarin and cork suppliers

Jean Marc Quarin wrote in his book three pages on corks, cork suppliers, etc. I thank him for that!
He ends his text with “should we give the name of cork in the tasting notes?” I started to do it recently (or I will do it!)

I'll do the same on my blog and point out my bad suppliers.
I had a very bad one, and in addition to being bad, he became a liar and hypocrite, which is not the sort of behavior expected from someone you do business with.

Fortunately, even if it seems that this very bad cork supplier has now improved, only covering the financial damage done will make him reliable. Should such supplier be trusted? If an accident ever occurs again, he will again deny any responsibility, legal or not.
Knowing that deadlines have to be respected, etc... In fact, a cork could be expensive for wines to be cellared for 15/20 years, but you cannot file a “legal” complain after 9 years as it must filed within 3 years. The one with whom I had a problem simply forgot that we had already filed a request at that time and changed suppliers.

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