Saturday, October 1, 2011

No need to despair...

... From the weather, vintage or bankers!
Harvest 2011: it’s a good harvest in quality and quantity. It is almost finished at my daughter’s in Lalande de Fronsac, as well as in the property we have in tenant farming for Bad Boy, in Fronsac and in Saint Emilion; we still have one parcel of Cabernet Sauvignon in front of Valandraud and the Carmenère next to Fleur Cardinale, who, precisely, is beginning its harvest.

Last night, we tasted a few batches still in maceration and before running off, which confirmed that it will be a very good vintage, accessible and pleasant: no trace of vegetal, plenty of fruit, soft and even lots of body. I confirm my 2nd impression: a mix between the ripeness of 2009 and drinkability of 2007. I can’t wait to taste batches of Virginie, Clos Badon and Valandraud at the end of next week....

We had a meeting in Bordeaux, at the headquarters of the BNP, with the leaders of a partner bank in China and the opportunity to briefly talk about trade with this unavoidable country. We set some date for our next trip to Shanghai to deepen our relationship. It is also the opportunity to meet a few Bordeaux connoisseurs from this bank.

For us wine is not just a job, but also a pleasure.

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