Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guide Quarin des Vins de Bordeaux

I purchased in Saint Emilion’s bookstore Quarin’s Bordeaux wine guide, published by Solar. A big book with 800 pages, a big job with notes, prices, rankings, reviews of 329 wines of Bordeaux.
I started reading about my wines and felt that his classification was not bad, I am happy with the ranking for Valandraud, placed 5th after Cheval Blanc, Ausone, Angelus and Troplong Mondot.
Our responsibility to do better

Regarding his comments, how can I answer but “indeed” to his statement “I did not understand why this change of style from 1999 and the purchase of a cold terroir”.
The answer is simple, in fact, why make it simple when you can make it complicated? The current terroir of Valandraud makes it, in fact, harder to produce “sexy” hedonistic wines; but when it works - and it works: the proof being in 2007, 2008 and 2009 for what I could see - and when it works, in addition to getting some pleasure, it becomes classy. Allow me to make this comparison, a pretty girl with beautiful shapes, but also smart and sparkling... isn’t it what you’re looking for in “doing even better”?
I'm sure you can reconcile the irreconcilable in Bordeaux, sexy and class, hedonism and complexity, power and lightness, in summary: a fine wine.

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Tim said...

Hi I really like 2008 bad boy...where can I buy in the UK?

tks Tim