Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesterday, serge posted a comment on future vintages :
“according to the person in charge of a great chateau in Libourne the harvest promises to be of exceptional quality: Will it means that it will be the best vintage since Jesus Christ and are we going to have enough hyperbole for 2011 which already looks fabulous now, for 2012 I am hesitating between extravagant or atomic? What do you recommend?”

Serge, you mention Jesus-Christ, perhaps because you hope for a miracle ?
Jokes aside, it is looking like it will be a good vintage, but we still have to wait another 15 to 45 days as the weather can change.
In any case, it is certainly hot; close to the 2003 drought, but the vines look better than in 2003, so patience.
Why shouldn’t we be happy to have another good vintage?! And it will most likely be cheaper for the consumer!
Napa Valley in California produces 9 good vintages out of 10, thanks to consistently good climate. A long time ago, Bordeaux had 1 or 2 out of 10, so I prefer the 6 or 8 great years out 10 option, but I am an optimist. Anguished, stressed but optimist.
Hurrah for global warming in Bordeaux vineyards, even if a bit of water would be welcome.
And hurrah for rain too

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