Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We had a sunny weekend, waiting for the rain, which is rare in our region this year, the drought is more severe than in 2003, but the vines are suffering less, without a doubt the roots get their water deeper, and cool nights gave the plants a break, ideal weather but a little rain would help the ripening process, we'll see ...

Saturday at 10 am, meeting with Denis M. He has a blog (in French), is a school teacher, likes wine, order, disorder, and is very close to Laurent Barbier and Catherine Manuaud – this is to put him in context, then, it’s a bit more complicated, he likes too much, idealizes too much the wine world, those who produce it, but the word too much is too much, for why not be more “reasonable” in this world. Am I also too much the archetype of the too permanent?

Denis exhausted me, why this and why that, and so forth and so ... No time to breathe (just a short 15 minutes nap, and again!). In fact it was a very good moment, youth recharges my batteries. And the paradox: both sides had nothing to sell, except seeking mutual respect. I purposely use big words: for the google translation

After lunch, I took a walk in the vineyards, the cellars, the office, meeting with friends from Saint Emilion, famous in the wine world, lunch at home, of course, prepared by Murielle and we served 2 wines: Compassant 2004, still so good and such a superb value (in my opinion), and blind: Griffe de Cap d’Or 1998, produced by us at that time. I love this wine, 100% Merlot, coming from a great terroir in Saint Georges Saint Emilion, Denis 1998 right bank. He is surprised, us as well… in addition, he has talent. Or luck?

In the afternoon, Jean-Jacques and Michèle Faucon, winers of the contest organized by the magazine Terre de Vins for our Saint Etienne de Lisse association made of Pressac, Faugères, Rol Valentin, Fleur Cardinale and Valandraud.

They had never played and won their first game. Luck, in addition, they live in Le Pizou, where my parents had a beautiful property (the castle, yes, yes). I picked them up at the house of Rol Valentin: coffee, macaroons and Cannelés (life is tough) and then we went through the vineyards of Valandraud and Fleur Cardinale: tasting grapes, the terroir, varietals, red, white, short visit of the cellar and the house, then went to see Bambi, the donkeys, the goat, and it's already time for dinner with Denis, Jean Jacques and Michele and as amuse-bouche, a few memorable figs (great vintage!).

Some ceps bought at the market in Libourne, a good sirloin, a mirabelle tart good enough to damn a saint, fine Bordeaux from Valandraud, Calvet-Thunevin Dentelles 2002 unfortunately not in top shape, and Valandraud. They just had to guess the vintage and Denis (again, the beginner’s luck, or just his talent?) guest it : 2004 ! It is starting to show well, I just wanted to be sure before taking some in my suitcase for my next trip to China (Canton, Shanghai, Beijing in 7 days).
Before, we drank Blanc N°1 2006 vintage, still so good (modest Mumu). Everybody left at 10:30 pm, phew!
Jean Jacques is a train driver and Michèle cook and pied-noir, it brings our lives closer, our parallel lives !
I do not know if I'll do this every day, but the day passed too quickly. It is good sign for me, but the freaking problem I have with the weather does not get resolved

Sunday, visit of the vineyards in Pomerol and Lalande de Pomerol with the enologist we already work with as consultant in the Roussillon, Claude Gros who has a few clients here in Bordeaux such as, I believe, Fleur Morange, Domaine du Bouscat, and in the South La Négly, etc..
Lots of parcels, lost of terroir, all this needs a bit of rain: The drought is quite noticeable.

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