Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beginning of the week

A new wine bar opened in Saint Emilion, 3 Place du Marché à Bois : L’Absolu, just across the famous restaurant La Cadène. Created by Mr Nanchian, I was invited yesterday... I will go this week.

A bit of rain this morning, at least it washed the leaves and brought a bit of freshness.

Technical check up yesterday… for my car. Mercedes offers great quality service. Is it the brand’s policy or the garage in Libourne?

A Dutch couple visited us, they were interested in wine: a second or third chosen life, charming and with a good sense of humor.

The cleanup work and whitewashing in Pomerol is moving forward and this changes the surrounding atmosphere, which becomes more pure…

And yesterday, September 6, we received a nice order for Bad Boy 2007, the confirmation of a pre order for our 2006 Pomerol. Our fiscal year, which ended on August 8 2010, is keeping our accountants busy and forces us to control our stock, the main charge in my business of traditional wholesaler, negociant (with inventory from 1999 to 2008)

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